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NobelProcera® ASC Abutments

Managing esthetics and occlusal function made easy

NobelProcera Implants

Solve the esthetic challenges faced when screw-retained solutions are placed in the anterior and improve occlusal function in the posterior, with the option to place the screw access hole anywhere between 0° and 25° in a 360° radius.

How you benefit

Place cement-free screw-retained crowns without compromising esthetics or occlusal function.
Optimally support the surrounding tissue with an individualized emergence profile using biocompatible materials.

Achieve predictable retention and strength

NobelProcera Implants

Get a predictable outcome and avoid the risk associated with residual cement. The adapter connecting the zirconia abutment to the implant is mechanically retained, but with the screw seated in the abutment. The result? Highly predictable retntion with no cement in sight.

What's more, the metal adapter means it's now possible to use zirconia implant restorations in the posterior.

How you benefit

Fully avoid the risk of residual cement by using a completely cement-free concept.
Avoid the cost of re-cementing a metal adapter.
Confidently use esthetic zirconia screw-retained restorations in the molar region with the new metal adapter.

Tired and tested for you

NobelProcera Implants

Biomechanical investigations, including fatigue strength testing and virtual simulations (finite element analysis) show that the strength and performance of the two-piece NobelProcera ASC Abutment, under dynamic load are equal to that of the one-piece NobelProcera Abutment for the same indication

Micro gap measurements with cross-sectional SEM images highlight the precise fit of the angulated two-piece zirconia abutment over the critical interfaces. Again, the results are equivalent to that of the current one-piece abutment.

NobelProcera® FCZ Full Contour Zirconia

Safely and easily access the posterior region

NobelProcera Implants

The new Omnigrip Screwdriver has a pick-up function and grip that has to be experienced to be believed. The unique design of the tip delers a strong hold for full insertion torque, even at an angle.

How you benefit

Work quickly and safely with the pick-up function and secure hold of the Omnigrip Screwdriver.
Easily access cases in the posterior region. The angulation enabled by the Omnigrip tooling helps when vertical spacce is limited
Reduce screw loosening by applying a torque of 35 Ncm at any angle.

Tooling for NobelProcera ASC Abutments

NobelProcera Implants

Clinical Case Studies

Case Courtesy of Dr. Juan Sufia and Sr. Santiago Dalmau, Spain

NobelProcera Implants NobelProcera Implants

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