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Atlantis Conus Abutments

Patient-specific overdenture solutions

The tapered crown principle

Atlantis Conus tapered connection ensures that the final restoration is tightly seated minimizing gaps and micro movement. Compared with bar restorations or other prefabricated connecting components, Atlantis Conus tapered crowns offer a stable and friction-locked connection that helps to eliminate problems often associated with edentulous jaws, such as:

  • Pain of pressure of ill-fitting dentures
  • Atrophy as a result of inactivity or pressure
  • Continued bone loss requiring relining of existing denture
  • Design-related difficulties with the mesostructure

A connection with a tapered cone design serves as a retaining element where tapered cap is retained on a tapered abutment by surface contact. When the retention is disconnected, the prosthesis is released, allowing for easy removal. In contrast, a parallel-walled, telescopic design creates a friction throughout the complete path of insertion.

Patients find it easier to insert a prosthesis a tapered connection design, because the bottom diameter of the tapered caps connected to the denture is always larger than the top diameter of the abutments.

Advantages for patients

The tapered crown principle effectively makes the prosthesis into a removable bridge with:

  • Very high stability
  • High chewing comfort
  • Improved phonetics
  • Optimum hygiene
  Bar Snap attachment Locator Atlantis Conus
Hygienic Capability of the superstructures Complicated Easy Easy Easy
Anchorage principle Friction via different bar attachments Metal matrix on metal sphere Replaceable nylon matrix on titanium patrix (push button) Prefabricated taper cap with Atlantis Conus abutment
Activation of retention elements Limited Limited Not possible Not required as virtually wear-free
Replacement of retention elements From complicated to easy - depending on design Complicated Very easy not required as virtually wear-free
Compensation of angular placed implants Complicated Slight divergences are possible Easily possible Atlantis Conus corrects up to 30 degrees divergences

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