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I have been working with Miracle Laboratory and their crown and bridge department (Mike) for quite some time. Mike does a great job but more important to me is when I have a question, a request or there is an issue about anything, we can sit down and work on whatever it is together for the benefit of the patient. Mike has the type disposition that makes communication easy. It is a pleasure to work with the people at Miracle Laboratory.

Donald R. Miller, D.D.S.
Spring, Texas

I have been working with Steve Spoon and Miracle Dental Lab for 4 years. During this time we have delivered approximately 20 fixed hybrid dentures, both single and doubles in the same mouth. I have also used the laboratory for conventional dentures and removable metal partial dentures. Steve and the Miracle Dental Lab team have helped make and place all of the fixed hybrid dentures immediately in the mouth at the oral surgeonís office. Miracle Lab has subsequently made the final fixed hybrids with milled titanium bars on all of these cases with no remake or re impressions needed. I strongly recommend Miracle Dental laboratory for all of a dentists laboratory needs.

John Sanders, D.D.S.
Houston, Texas

I started working with Miracle dental lab in 2008 after trying several other labs which ended in frustration and disappointment in quality and timeliness. As an oral surgeon with 33+ years of experience I never imagined early in my career that I would depend on a lab the way I do now. But with the growth of implant dentistry and especially the advances in immediate provisionalization and CAD/CAM abutment technology the people at Miracle Dental Lab have enabled me to provide this incredible service to my patients with a high degree of success and beautiful results

David R. Mulherin, DDS
Houston, Texas

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