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Printed Model

In our constant quest to be a world class dental labratory, we are pleased to announce our new cad-cam partner Carbon.
Our Carbon printers are able to manufacture printed models using Digital Light Synthesis technology. This breakthrough technology will produce printed models with excellent mechanical properties, resolution, and surface finish.
You can send to us a regular impression or a digital file to make a predictable fix or removable restoration.
We recommend to have a shoulder margin on the teeth preparation and to avoid any undercuts due to scanners will recognize this on the impression/digital file.
For digital files instructions please read below.

Scanning Instructions

Please Send All Scans to Support@miracledentallab.com

How to connect your office to Trios/3Shape Communicate:

You can register for 3Shape Communicate directly from the Trios configure page by following the steps below.

  1. From the menu on the left of the screen select Configure
  2. Next. Select Lab Connections
  3. You can check which external connection method to use here. To use 3Shape communicate select it here.
  4. At the bottom of the panel sheet click on Configure Communicate.
  5. Before you can add our lab, You must click on Create Account and you will be redirected to the 3Shape communicate website.
  6. There are 2 links for registration, Select register your Dental Clinic/Office.
  7. After registration, You will receive a confirmation email with a link to activate your
  8. To Add our Lab, Return to the Configure Communicate page and click the Add
    Lab button.
  9. At this stage you will be redirected to the 3Shape Communicate Website and you can add our lab by opening the Connectons pages and clicking Add Connection, Now you will search for our Lab.
  10. The Lab will be notified of you request and you will be accepted by the Lab.
  11. Once you are done. Return to the Configure Communicate page and click refresh.
  12. Once the Lab approves the request, The labs will appear on your Lab list. Now you are ready to submit scans/files.

How to add our Lab to Sirona Connect:

  1. Go to http://www.sirona-connect.com/ and log in.
  2. Click my account/My favorite Laboratories
  3. Click search Labs
  4. Before entering in any information,Click Start Search.
  5. Enter our Labs information, You may need to search by name, zip code,City,Distance, offerings, or services.
  6. When you find our lab,click the Orange plus sign. { in the right hand column}.
  7. Now you are ready to upload scans and Stl files to our lab.

Sending a Scan through Carestream:

  1. Login to your CS Connect Account at http://csdentalconnect.com or by clicking the CS Connect button from your imaging software.
  2. Locate the case details of the case you would like to send to us.
  3. Under Choose a Laboratory, In the Email field type our Email address Support@miracledentallab.com.
  4. Your Connection will be verified by the end of the day. If you do not see you are connected by the end of the day call us at 281-580-6988. Once we verify the connection, Miracle Dental Lab will be available to select in the Laboratory Field.
  5. Select Miracle Dental Lab every time you scan.
  6. After scanning,Complete your script within your account.
  7. Export the .STL files, By locating the patients scan/files in your Dental Imaging Software, Click the {Send To} button, Which saves your files on your desktop.
  8. Importing the STL Files.
  9. Click the patient options in the main navigation bar.
  10. Either {add a new patient } or select an existing patient that you would like to add their STL file to by clicking {view}.
  11. You may either drag and drop files or, Click the {files from your computer} to bring up your file explorer to locate the STL/ Digital Models from the folder you exported them to earlier.
  12. Select the file{s} you need and click {open} which will bring them into the patients file. You are now ready to submit the files to our Lab.

Sending a scan through Itero/Aligntech:

  1. Contact Itero and add our laboratory to your list of Labs by either our lab telephone number, Which is 281-580-6988 or using our Lab Id # which is 1998.
  2. Once connected you will be able to select our Lab {Miracle Dental Laboratory}.
  3. Once you have finished scanning your patient, you will submit you case to Itero/Aligntech.
  4. Itero/Aligntech will notify our lab that we have a pending case, we then will review the scan and approve the scan.
  5. Itero/Aligntech will confirm our approval and we will proceed with having your digital models fabricated and whichever restoration you have chosen.

Sending scans using DDX:

  1. Sign up for a free DDX Dental Practice account, Once signed in to DDX the portal Click on the “ Go to my Lab” tab.
  2. Search for Miracle Dental Laboratory, add us to your list of Dental Labs.
  3. Once connected to the DDX Portal, Scan your patient and save as a .STL file
  4. Create a new case, Select Miracle Dental Laboratory as your preferred Lab.
  5. Upload your .STL files for the patient and select submit file.

14611 Benfer Rd., Houston, TX 77069
Hours: Monday-Thursday 6:30am-5pm || Friday 7am - 11am
info@miracledental.biz | 1-877-843-1533 (Toll Free) | (281) 580-6988

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