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Houston Dental Lab

Your Houston Dental Lab

Welcome to Our Houston Dental Lab! Thank you for visiting our website. We have been providing quality laboratory service to dentists throughout the country for years. Our experienced technicians focus on quality of work and precision of the result.

We understand that satisfied patients are the best referral sources for your practice, that is why our focus is on completing our work in such a precise manner to prevent re-dos as much as possible.

Our lab has been a reliable provider of range of quality craftsmanship. Our technicians stay updated with latest in dental material, new crown and bridge products and techniques to offer you the best results possible.

Thank you for your trust.


 Click on the Sirona Connect Logo above to access your Cerec account. Add us as your lab of choice.

Once the dentist clicks on this link it will show Account ID.
If they have a list of labs in their scanner our name will be there.

Don't Have a List of Labs?

If they donít have a list of labs they need to register their scanner to add our name to the list of labs.
Register your scanner by clicking on the button below.

Once their scanner is register they should be able to send their files to us.


14611 Benfer Rd., Houston, TX 77069
Hours: Monday-Thursday 6:30am-5pm || Friday 7am - 11am
info@miracledental.biz | 1-877-843-1533 (Toll Free) | (281) 580-6988

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